Athleisure Wear, Fashion’s Celebrity Clothing Trend

Athleisure Wear, Fashion’s Celebrity Clothing Trend

Today, it’s rare to read a fashion review without the mention of the term, athleisure wear. The dialogue usually goes something like this, “the cool sporty collection follows the popular athleisure wear fashion trend.” But, wait. What exactly do fashion writers mean by athleisure fashion trend? Where did it come from and most importantly why does it matter. While it may be at the height of its celebrity popularity now, athleisure wear is by no means a new concept. Its commercial roots can be traced back as far as March of 1979 in an issue of Nation’s Business. “The booming popularity of fitness has given birth to a similar boom in apparel and footwear designed for those who actually participate in sports — and those who just want to look as if they do,” writes the business magazine.

Defining Athleisure Wear Fashion and its History

Defining Athleisure Fashion Trend - The Dapifer In its simplest form, athleisure is defined as casual, relaxed clothing like sweat pants, hoodies, yoga pants and athletic trainers. Basically if you normally wear it to the gym, it will pass as athleisure. Brands like Nike, Adidas and Reebok naturally fit the description of athleisure wear brands. However, the concept involves more than just workout wear. The most important quality of the fashion trend is its attitude. For decades there was a strong divide between workwear and every other form of dressing. However, with increasing demands from both career and personal life, consumers began to choose comfort over protocol. Soon enough, a new group of fashion designers appeared who not only used activewear, but they lived by it.

The Rise of Athleisure Wear Clothing Brands

Athleisure - The Dapifer Young streetwear brands like Alexander Wang, Rag & Bone, Y-3 and Phillip Lim began to demonstrate just how much consumers loved athleisure wear fashion apparel. Before we knew it, top luxury fashion brands around the world were joining the growing market.With an estimated market size of $270 billion in 2016, its easy to see why. It became the great gold rush of the modern fashion era. The market was in such a boom, that it even attracted celebrities. The era introduced celebrity athleisure wear brands including Beyonce’s Ivy Park, Kanye Wests’s Adidas Yeezy, and Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. Fashion’s athleisure wear love affair isn’t slowing any time soon. With a growing roster of established brands and loyal customers the market continues to grow. Shoppers are consistently choosing sweat pants over jeans, establishing the trend as a serious disruptor. Reports currently estimate that the athleisure clothing wear market will grow an additional 30% by the year 2020. So what then is casual Friday at the office?

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