Are you ever in the mood for alternative, hazy and distorted R&B with a chillwave twist? If this sounds like you or if you’re looking for new music check out up and coming R & B artist, SZA. SZA or Solona Rowe is a young, emerging artist who has a truly one of a kind sound and style of her own. Although she’s been compared to Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill, she strongly detests comparisons as she wishes  to keep her sound as its own. SZA is actually an acronym for Sovereign Zig-Zag Allah, as Rowe has deep roots in muslim faith, while also adopting part of her stage name from a former muse, a rapper called RZA.


SZA’s claim to fame was her latest EP, “Z” that was released March 2014, with singles “Julia”, “Child’s Play” featuring Chance the Rapper, and “Babylon” Featuring Kendrick Lamar. Before SZA released “Z”, she released “S”, her second EP, shortly before getting signed to Top Dawg Entertainment, and “See.SZA.Run”, which was her first EP ever released. Once “Z” was released, SZA was number 39 on the US Billboard 200 charts the opening week and later peaked to number 9 on US hip-hop/R&B charts. SZA was also number 32 on UK R&B charts.


Even  though SZA said that she found herself in the music business by accident, accidental recording a song and decided to go through with it to see what happens, there’s a strong sense of individuality and admiration we can all appreciate from her messages and lyrics about coming of age topics such as sexuality, love, and abandonment. Check out SZA and prepare to hear something a little different, as music analysts and journalists continue to attempt to put in into a specific genre.

by Suliya Gisele

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