Update: Alexander Wang Accuses Philipp Plein of Copying (Plein Responds)

Alexander Wang Just Started Instagram Beefing with Another Famous Designer, Philipp Plein

After a successful NYFW runway show, you’d assume that Alexander Wang would be getting some much needed R&R. However, this isn’t the case for the influential designer, and apparent badass. For Alexander Wang, post-fashion week time is for engaging in casual research. You know, like verifying if another designer did indeed copy your work. Well, the verdict is in and a fiery Alexander Wang just shared his findings with the world in a painfully candid, Instagram Post. But first, who is the lucky fashion designer on the receiving end of Alexander Wang’s rather astute observations? Well, if you were at New York Fashion Week this season or happen to follow fashion at all, the name is still fresh in your mind. Let’s start the investigation: Alexander Wang Accuses Philipp Plein of Copying in a Shady Instagram Post

The Culprit (According to Alexander Wang)

Say hello to German fashion designer, Philipp Plein. Just yesterday we were talking about his ridiculously over the top NYFW debut. Yes, the show with Madonna, Kendall Jenner, Tyga, and Tiffany Trump front row. The very same show that featured an opening performance from NAS, a live soundtrack by The Kills, and an opening walk by the “hot felon” Jeremy Meeks. Let’s not forget the runway appearances by Young Thug, Desiigner, and Fetty Wap.  That’s the guy. Ironically the text on the back of Plein’s collection showcards read, “Who the Fuck is Philipp Plein”.  It turns out that “it boy” Alexander Wang wants to help answer that question and for starters he’s totally not impressed. Still, what’s the actual controversy here? Let’s take a look at what Alexander Wang posted on Instagram. “can I copy your homework?” “yeah just change it up a bit so it doesn’t look like you copied” “ok”


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The Evidence (According to Alexander Wang)

Alexander Wang Philipp Plein Runway Copy Instgram Argument NYFW-The Dapifer The message was introduced along with a craftily arranged side-by-side video comparison of the Alexander Wang x HM 2014 show and Philipp Plein’s recent Fall 2017 show. Utilizing a slow-mo effect, Wang pans in on the exact elements of the supposed homework copying. After a few quick taps of the replay button, we begin to see Wang’s argument. We see a very similar runway accented with white lines giving it an athletic track feel. It’s also hard to ignore the American Ninja meets Wipeout feeling obstacle course that Wang debuted first in 2014. Wang even goes as far to include a comparison of Plein’s closing bow and wave to the audience. Yikes, that’s some serious shade. Ok, the similarities seem to be beyond a coincidence. Now exactly what does this mean? Did Philipp Plein actually copy the Alexander Wang HM 2014 runway show? Hmmm. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if Plein fires back. This can’t be the warm New York City welcome he was so desperately hoping for. What do you think, is he guilty or is Alexander Wang out of line?

Update: Philipp Plein Addresses Alexander Wang’s Accusations

For a moment, it appeared that German designer Philipp Plein would simply ignore the accusations of plagiarism from Alexander Wang. That’s not the case. Earlier this morning, Plein took to Instagram to tell his side of the story. He kept things short and simple. Not exactly what you expect of Plein, but I think he got his point of across. Here’s what he had to say. “The Devil is Jealous of Me!!!!!”

The Devil is Jealous of me !!!!!

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Accompanying the not so cryptic caption is an image of a clear neon sign that states exactly the same thing for emphasis. I think from Philipp Plein’s use of a total of 5 exclamation marks, he’s quite serious. Hmmm, so this means that Plein just called Alexander Wang the devil right? More importantly, he just accused him of being jealous. Yikes, what will Alexander Wang do next. Keep checking back here for the latest updates on the building Alexander Wang vs Philipp Plein Runway Show Copying Instagram Battle.

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