Alber Elbaz Leaves Lanvin After Rumored Dispute

Alber Elbaz Leaves Lanvin Just Days After Raf Simons Leave his Post at Dior. Could there be a Connection?

Infamous Parisian fashion house Lanvin confirms that Alber Elbaz, after his outstanding fourteen year regime, is to step down from his role as Creative Director. Sources determine that the decision was finalized after a disagreement between Elbaz and owner Shaw-Lan Wang and Chief Executive Officer Michѐle Huiban. It has been determined that the members of his design team were informed of his departure prior to the meeting between Elbaz, Wang, and Huiban, thus taking it upon themselves to complete Pre-Fall without him. Once publicly announced, many employees stood teary-eyed and partitioned a rally for a thorough explanation in the departure of their beloved creative director. This news breaks less than a week of the reports of Raf Simons resigning at Dior, thus allows us to questions the hardships creative directors face in the fashion industry today. Rumors have already began circulating that Elbaz ultimately left Lanvin to succeed Simons at Dior, after reports say that Elbaz have met with Dior in the past in regards to that matter. Dior still has not confirmed if the rumors are true.

Alber Elbaz Leaves Lanvin - The Dapifer

Just last week at the Fashion Group International’s Night, Elbaz proudly accepts his award from Meryl Streep giving a moving acceptance speech about the process of going from couturier to Creative Director and creativity:

“We designers started as couturiers with dreams, with intuitions and with feelings. We started with, ‘What do women want? What do women need? What can I do for women to make their lives better and easier? How can I make a woman more beautiful?’ That is what we used to do. Then we became creative directors, so we have to create, but mostly direct. And now we have to become image-makers, making sure it looks good in the pictures. The screen has to scream baby – that’s the rule. And loudness is the new thing. Loudness is the new cool, and not only in fashion. I prefer whispering. I think it goes deeper and lasts longer.”

Sources say that Lanvin still has not selected a successor to Elbaz’s legacy, but filling the shoes of a charismatic, good-natured, and immensely talented man won’t be easy.  Wang purchased Lanvin in 2001 and hired Elbaz, leaving him to do whatever he wanted with the brand, thus reinvented Lanvin with his gorgeous cocktail dressed, statement costume jewelry pieces, modernist men’s wear, and trendy footwear. Elbaz was seen emptying his office on Tuesday and everyone bade him farewell, as we eagerly wait to see what’s next for the house of Lanvin.

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