5 Seriously Sexy Halloween Costumes for the Modern Fashionista

We take a Look at 5 Sexy Halloween Costumes Sure to Keep You on the Best Dressed List No Matter What Time of Year.

Halloween is a Holiday that presents a diverse assortment of style making opportunities. Whether you’re deciding to transform into a Hollywood starlet, a modern pop icon, or opting for the traditional dark magic ensembles, it’s a chance to take some serious style risks. For this Season’s roundup of Sexy Halloween Costume ideas we’re inspired by a classic sense of nostalgia. From the trend making moments of classic films like Clueless and Breakfast at Tiffany’s to unforgettable pop culture statements from stars like Taylor Swift and Britney Spears, this is sure to be one seriously sexy Halloween.

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s ? Ok, Maybe Brunch

Breakfast At Tiffanys Sexy Halloween Costume - The Dapifer

Truman Capote’s novel turned film Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one of the most iconic moments in film and fashion industry. Bring this 1961 classic to life with this classic, always sexy ensemble.

Toxic – The “It’s Britney Bi*** Airlines

Britney Spears Toxic Sexy Halloween Costume - The Dapifer

How could anyone who lived through the early 2000’s forget Britney Spears. Toxic was one of the most influential moments in music video history and Britney’s flight attendant uniform is sure to arouse nostalgic memories.

Anyone Call Ghostbusters?

Ghostbusters Sexy Halloween Costume - The Dapifer

1984 American cult movie classic Ghostbusters is solidified in pop culture history. With the recent resurgence of a remake, it’s the perfect time to channel your inner paranormal instincts.

Clueless meets Gossip Girl

School Girl Clueless Sexy Halloween Costume - The Dapifer

Cher from Clueless was the blue print for privileged, fashion conscious school girls everywhere. Pair that with the scandalous, high-fashion appeal of hit tv show Gossip Girl, and we have a seriously sensational uniform.

Taylor Swift is Feeling the Bad Blood

Taylor Swift Bad Blood Sexy Halloween Costume - The Dapifer

Taylor Swift totally wasn’t joking when she warned us she had some Bad Blood. Channel your inner Swift angst in this super sexy bodysuit just like Taylor’s gang in her explosive music video.

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