10 Most Popular Fashion Brands According to Instagram

Discover The Top 10 Most Popular Fashion Brands According to INSTAGRAM. Top Most Popular Fashion Brands Instagram - The Dapifer

A brand’s influence used to be measured by what top publications chose its collections for editorials and what major department stores chose to carry its designs. Power players including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Neiman Marcus, and Bergdorff Goodman were, and to a certain extent, still are the barometer of a successful fashion brand. However, today there is a more powerful, and user driven metric that allows us to discover the most popular fashion brands at any given moment in time, that tool is social media. With the rise of platforms first beginning with Facebook followed by Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, there is now more consumer data than ever revealing how popular a brand is amongst its eager social media focused fans.

Social media still doesn’t adequately give us the data we need to really see what’s going on behind the glass doors of major fashion brands, but it does show us what is possible. By understanding who the most popular brands are, we can begin to uncover the connection between a fashions brand’s reach and its potential to convert fans to consumers. When dealing with fashion brands there’s no way to avoid the very expensive (call it couture or avant garde if you must) elephant in the room, price. But even this, is perhaps, a call to brands to find more innovative ways to offer product lines that are accessible to the same diversified groups of  demographics that are already proving to be brand advocates on social media. Whatever the theory gathered, one things is increasingly apparent, to be a successful fashion brand today, you must own a space in social media.

Check out our list below to see Top 10 Most Popular Fashion Brands According to Instagram and See Who’s Totally Owning It!

(According to data compiled by M by Macy’s)

1. Nike


Nike Instagram Serena Williams (Top Fashion Brands Instagram)

Serena Williams makes an appearance on @nike Instagram

With a current Instagram follower count of 29.8 Million and over 50 million hashtag mentions, Nike leads the pack. The international footwear and athletic wear brand is known around the world and attracts customers at almost every demographic.


2. Prada


Prada Instagram (Top Fashion Brands Instagram)

A visual for ‘Heat Wave’ , A New Scent from @prada

Boasting 6.1 million Instagram followers and 20 million hashtag mention, Prada is proving that it truly is an international fashion force. With a strong foundation in every corner of fashion, the brand continues to tap into younger, influential consumers.


3. Gucci


Gucci Instagram Georgia May Jagger (Top Fashion Brands Instagram)

Georgia May Jagger Attends the BFAs wearing @Gucci

With a current Instagram following of 6.3 million and almost 20 million hashtag mentions, Gucci continues to be a global leader in luxury for all ages. In addition to its more established clientele, the brand attracts the who’s who of entertainment via red carpet appearances and editorial hit makers.


4. Dior


Dior Instagram Jennifer Lawerence (Top Fashion Brands Instagram)

Jennifer Lawrence at The Hunger Games “Mocking Jay” Movie Premiere in @dior

Hoisting a current Instagram following of 7.3 million and almost 20 million hashtag mentions, Dior has truly become the epitome of couture luxury even within the millennial generation. A favorite of stars including Jennifer Lawrence, the brand continues to constantly reinvent itself.


5. Hermes


Hermes Instagram Hermes Flamingo Party Miami (Top Fashion Brands Instagram)

Hermes Provides a Glimpse Backstage at @hermes Flamingo Party in Miami

Leveraging a current Instagram following of 1.5 million and over 15 million hashtag mentions, Hermes sits comfortably with a loyal fan base from across the world. With a quirky and art focused feed, the brand attracts artist and other creatives in addition to the brand’s loyal fashion conscious devotees.


6. Vans Shoes


Vans Instagram Dane Damus (Top Fashion Brands Instagram)

Surfer Dane Damus Makes an Appearance on the @vans Instagram

Though Vans, is a not so serious commercial brand, we can’t deny the skateboard and adventure sportswear focused brand’s popularity. With a current Instagram following of 4 million and over 15 million hashtag mentions, the lifestyle brand is arguably the most popular commercial brand in the mix, with exception to Nike (but that’s a totally different operation all together).

7. Adidas


Adidas Instagram Novak Djokovic (Top Fashion Brands Instagram)

Tennis Star Novak Djokovic, A Signed Adidas Ambassador Makes an Appearance on the @adidas Instagram Feed.

Carrying an impressive current Instagram following of 6.3 million and over 15 million hashtag mentions, the all encompassing sportswear brand is popular across a diverse variety of cultures. With a strong foundation in international sports including soccer and tennis, the brand continues to capitalize on celebrity endorsements and innovative technology.


8. Fendi


Fendi Instagram Rita Ora (Top Fashion Brands Instagram)

Singer and Style Influencer Rita Ora Makes An Appearance in Self Magazine Wearing @fedi Leisurewear.

A favorite of International fashionistas and fashion editors around the world, Fendi boasts a current Instagram following count of 3.6 million and over 10 million hashtag mentions. Established connections in global fashion markets and a highly editorial appeal keep Fendi on the news feeds of influencers everywhere.


9. Burberry


Burberry Instagram Adele (Top Fashion Brands Instagram)

Adele Performs ‘1 Million Wishes’ Wearing @burberry.

Boasting a current Instagram following of 5.2 million and over 10 million hashtag mentions, the British fashion brand has proven to be a fan favorite around the world. Staying true to it’s aesthetic of British heritage fashion, the brand leverages hometown big names including Supermodels (Naomi Campbell & Kate Moss) and Performers (Adele) to create campaigns and appearances that have no choice but to go viral.




Cartier Instagram Chiara Ferragni The Blonde Salad (Top Fashion Brands Instagram)

Fashion Blogger, Chiara Ferragni, Known as The Blonde Salad Makes an Appearance on the @Cartier Instagram Feed.

Being the only fundamentally jewelry based brand on our list, Cartier holds its social weight with a current Instagram following of 2.1 million and over 10 million hashtag mentions. Strengthened by an international, diverse group of consumers from grandparents, parents, and millennials the brand is a certified heritage brand.As of late Cartier, has even tapped into the power of influencers as top blogger Chiara Ferragni (The Blonde Salad) made a surprise appearance on the brand’s Instagram feed.

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