Guest Art & Culture Editor, Alex Farkas, Gallery Director at has teamed up with The Dapifer to present his take on Wonders of the World: Seven Street Photographers from Seven Continents.

Among the countless styles of photography, “street photography” is my favorite. Street photographers capture the human experience in its many forms around the world. The style typically focuses on people in urban public spaces, but can feature environments without people or even objects that simply embody human character. Without these artists, I’d have little more than my imagination to describe life on the bustling streets of Tokyo or quiet moments in the suburbs of Melbourne.

On that note, I’d like to introduce you to seven artists who are quickly rising as leading voices of their continents. Read on for a stunning and imaginative look at how people live around the globe.

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Alex Kain

Antarctica Alex Kain U Gallery Street Style Photographer - The Dapifer

Alex Kain took a unique opportunity after graduation – he forewent the traditional desk job and ventured out on an oceanographic research vessel in the Arctic Ocean. His role, to document the daily activity of the 30 scientists on board, launched his passion for photojournalism. Check out more of Alex’s work here.


Gustavo Minas

South America Gustavo Minas U Gallery Street Style Photographer - The Dapifer

Although Gustavo Minas works full-time as an economics reporter at a newspaper, he wakes up early to wander the streets of São Paulo and capture the warm light of the morning. His passion for street photography comes to life through the vivid colors, deep shadows, and geometric compositions in his work. Check out more of Gustavo’s work here.


Maria Plotnikova

Europe Maria Plotnikova U Gallery Street Photography 4- The Dapifer

Born in Russia, Maria began her career as a sports photographer for various media companies in Moscow. She gained international acclaim in 2012 when she was short-listed in both the London and Moscow Festivals of Photography. Maria then moved to Buenos Aires with her husband and devoted herself to street photography, capturing unique moments of her travels around the continent. Maria enjoyed the opportunity to return home in 2014 to cover the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Check out more of Maria’s work here.


Travis Jensen

United States

6th and Market, San Francisco… #FOTOMISH 🌀🚀🌀🚀

A photo posted by Travis Jensen (@travisjensen) on


Travis moved to San Francisco nearly two decades ago — fresh out of high school — with a duffle bag, skateboard and $800 cash. His work represents the San Francisco that he lives and survives in, where the Gold Rush era spirit and mentality still run deep and the hustle never stops. He stays pushing — uphill. Check out more of Travis’s work here.


Kim Walvish

David of the Driveway A photo posted by Kim W (@sublurb) on

Kim Walvisch spent 23 years as an announcer for an Aussie radio station before retiring last year to raise her first child. Her baby slept best when mobile in a pram, and thus began the daily ritual of taking long walks around local streets. Kim likes to draw attention to the pride people have in their gardens, cars and the ornamentation of old houses. With all the property development, she wants to capture “old suburbia” before it gets overrun by new housing. Check out more of Kim’s work here.


Everyday Africa


Everyday Africa is a collection of images shot on mobile phones across the continent. The goal is to re-direct focus toward a more accurate understanding of normal life on the continent. Conceived by Peter DiCampo and Austin Merrill, and featuring numerous contributing photographers, the project is a response to the common media portrayal of the African continent as a place consumed by war, poverty, and disease. Check out more of Everyday Africa’s work here.


Tatsuo Suzuki

Asia Tatsuo Suzuki U Gallery Street Style Photographer - The Dapifer

Japanese photographer Tatsuo Suzuki captures the frenetic atmosphere of Tokyo through richly toned black and white street photography. Tatsuo’s use of long exposures and high contrast serve to emphasize the overwhelming experience of navigating a massive urban environment. His subjects show a fascinating mix of exhaustion and frantic energy.Check out more of Tatsuo Suzuki’s work here.

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